Bonus Wager

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Bonuses are special funds that are credited into a separate balance to reward players. Bonus money are not considered to be real money and can’t be cashed out until the player meets the playthrough requirements (described below). Bonus money can be describet as free bets. To use bonus money, carefully read the bonus terms.

Bonus Balance Vs. Real Money Balance

Once your deposit is made and the bonus is credited, real money will be exhausted first. Once your real money gets below zero, you will make bets on bonus money.


If you have 100 USD in bonus money and 10 USD on your real money balance, any bet you make will be deducted from your real money balance until 10 USD get exhausted. When there is no money left on your real money balance, you’ll start using bonus money and will be notified about this. All future bets will be made using 100 USD from the bonus balance.

Once the bonus money get activated, all future winnings will appear on your bonus balance until the wagering requirements are met or until the bonus gets expired.


By using up your real money balance and starting to play using your bonus money (10 USD), you have won 10 USD. Now you have 20 USD on your bonus balance, and there is still no money on your real money balance.

Once the wagering requirement for the active bonus have been met, the funds from your bonus balance will be transferred to your real money balance. You will be able to withdraw them as they won’t be restricted by any requirements.

Please note: If you withdraw your funds while there is still an active bonus , you will lose all bonuses and winnings associated with them. The making a withdrawal request, you will get a corresponding notification.

If you use up your bonus money and there is nothing left on your bonus balance, you no longer need to meet the playthrough requirements. The bonus will be automatically removed from your account.

Bonus Wager

Wager is an amount of bets you need to make before the bonus money and all the winnings associated with the bonus get transferred to your real money balance. The wagering requirement for each bonus is specified as a coefficient and varies depending on the bonus type ond deposit amount.


You make a deposit of 10 USD and get a 100% bonus with the wagering requirement of x70. Thus, you ger 10 USD on your bonus balance, but to make them get transferred in to your real money balance, the amount of your bets must be: 10 USD*70 = 700 USD. You can win or lose by making bets, but the playthrough will continue based on the total amount of your bets. Once the total amount of your bets reaches 700 USD, all your bonus funds will be automatically transferred into your main real money balance.

Roulette and other table games are not subject to the wagering requirements.
Bonus lifetime is specified in the account area.

Several bonuses at once

Only one bonus offer can be active at any given time. Any previous bonus balance must be wagered in full or lost so the account balance is zero) before the next bonus in line becomes active.

All bonuses can have 4 statuses:

The bonus is active if it is still being used, but the wagering requirements for this bonus haven’t been met yet.

Bonus wagered. All wagering requirements satisfied. The money on your bonus balance bound to the wagered bonus will be credited to your balance and can be withdrawn at any time.

Any active or pending bonus can be cancelled under certain conditions.

  1. The wagering requirements haven’t been met.
  2. The withdrawal was made before the wagering requirements for the bonus have been met.
  3. The violation of wagering rules

Once the bonus has been forefeited, your bonus balance reaches zero mark and is no longer subject to wagering requirements.

The violation of bonus terms
We reserve the right to assess each breach of our rules individually and we retain the right to, if we determine the breach of any Terms, confiscate all associated winnings.
When wagering towards a bonus, there are certain restrictions and limitations in place. This would be why some of your bets might not be relevant towards your wagering requirement.
No minimal risk wagering will contribute towards any part of a promotion, including bonus wagering requirements or the accumulation of any points. Should discover a player conducting the behaviours detailed below, they understand that they will have any bonuses and/or winnings declared void.
Irregular Play is considered bonus abuse and is not permitted on the Site. Irregular Play can include (but is not limited to) low margin betting, equal betting, zero risk bets (matched or partly matched bets on any event (match or casino game) to create action without risk) or hedge/arbitrage betting. These are considered Irregular Play when done purposely to exploit bonuses, in addition the following types of play are considered Irregular Play:
- increasing the balance and then changing Your gaming pattern significantly (bet, game type, bet structure or other pattern of betting) to complete any wagering requirements of any Bonus;
- using any betting system or placing even money bets on any game of chance; and / or

- wagering on games with bonus money to build up value, lose the bonus and then cash out on the built up value with a secondary deposit.
No Deposit Bonuses

Sometimes we run special promotions that give players the possibility to qualify for the bonuses that don’t require making a deposit. Just like any other bonuses, these bonuses have bonus lifetime, wagering requirements and expiration date. Also, no deposit bonuses have maximum cash out. Maximum cash out amount can vary from x3 to x10 of the bonus amount depending on the type of promotion and amount of bonus money. For example, if you get a no deposit bonus of 20 USD with the maximum cash out of x3, you cannot cash out more than 60 USD.

Users with mBTC account are not eligible for no deposit bonuses. If you have an mBTC account, you will not be able to qualify for no deposit promotions. Also, please note that within one promotion, every player can get only one no deposit bonus. Creating multiple account is strictly prohibited.

The limits on minimum and maximum deposit amount
Currency min max
RUB 50 25000
USD 10 500
EUR 10 500
mBTC 1 750
Example: If you make a deposit of 0,001 mBTC, the bonus on your first deposit won’t be credited. If you make a deposit of 1000 mBTC, you will be given a bonus of 750 mBTC.